Olsynium douglasii (Grass Widows)


With flowers that range from magenta through pink to white, and a blooming time which can start in January of a mild year, Grass Widows are a welcome respite from the browns and grays of winter. They grow in 6-12” tall clumps with grass-like leaves and round flower stems, and by late February often carpet vernally wet, open, rocky areas in the Columbia River Gorge with spectacular displays of color. They appear to be mostly lacking in both the arid interior and damp westside of Washington, but not the Cascades , and can be readily found on both sides of the Columbia River Gorge and throughout the state of Oregon. 




Size- 6-12” tall

Habitat- Rocky, open, vernally wet area

Range- Statewide in Oregon; Cascades, Columbia River Gorge and nw Olympic Peninsula 

Blooming times- Early Spring

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