Pyralis farinalis (Meal Moth)


This is not a moth you particularly want to find in your home. The larvae of Meal Moths are consumers of grains of all sorts, and are especially fond of milled grains-e.g., flour and meal, and products made with them. These moths can complete a life cycle in as little as 8 weeks, meaning they can produce up to 4 generations a year. The Chinese, in what might be the perfect example of making lemonade when life gives you lemons, make a tea from the feces of these moths, which allegedly has anti-hypertension and other health benefits. 

They are colorful small to medium sized moths (FW length 8-13mm) with the habit of elevating their abdomen when at rest. Meal Moths are considered synanthropic, (meaning they benefit from association with humans) and like most synanthropes are considered to be a pest. They are found world wide. 


Size- FW length 8-13mm

Habitat- Primarily in places with stores of grain- homes, warehouses, barns etc

Range- Cosmopolitan 

Eats- Grains and grain products, hay, and sometimes potatoes 

Flight Season- Year around indoors- April to September outside. 


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