Panscopus gemmatus


This weevil is a member of the family Curculionidae (Snout and Bark Beetles), Subfamily Entiminae (Broad-nosed Weevils). They are 6-11mm long, and show sexual dimorphism as regards size, with females being the larger. They are covered with brown, white, and metallic green scales, and have many dark tubercles which are arranged in rows on the elytra. The presence of these tubercles on the pronotum distinguishes this species from all other Panscopus spp. 

They are most often found in association with plants in the genus Rubus (blackberries, Salmonberry, Thimbleberry, etc), but have also been found on other woody shrubs, and under the bark of the conifers Pseudotsugata menziesii (Douglas Fir) and Tsuga (Hemlock). 

They have been found from the eastern Cascades to the Pacific Ocean in BC, Washington, and Oregon. Adults make their appearance from April to September. 


 Size- 6-11mm

Habitat- Mesic forests up to 2700’ elevation 

Range- Eastern Cascades to Pacific Coast in BC, Washington, and Oregon 

Eats- Most commonly found in association with Rubus spp

Season- Adults found April to September 


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