Permanent Link to my Radio Interview 

Here is a link that will allow anyone who is still interested in listening to my appearance on Dina Pavlis’ radio show, “Beyond Your Front Door Northwest”, to access that broadcast at their convenience. 

2 thoughts on “Permanent Link to my Radio Interview ”

  1. Excellent interview! So interesting to hear about your life and all the positive evolution that has occurred. Especially about your changing feelings about being competitive, and instead focusing on the love aspect in your approach to nature. The love definitely comes through. My dear friend, Peggy, told me about your site and it is such a pleasure to look at all the things you find and write about. I am thankful for you doing this! Best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jennifer! I’m definitely not at the point yet where it’s all appreciation and no expectations, but I’m moving in that direction 😀

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