Largus cinctus

Largus cinctus on Wooly Mullein

This is a fairly good sized (13-17mm) True Bug (Hemiptera), mostly black with an orange border along the wings and on 3 sides of the pronotum, and varying degrees of orange speckling amid the black. They are the only members of the family Largidae (Bordered Plant Bugs) in the PNW. Both adults and larvae are primarily plant eaters, but they will also eat dead insects and various animal’s feces. The larva have been found to eat eggs of their own species. Both nymphs and adults will periodically gather in large numbers, although the reason behind this behavior is not clear. Largus spp. seem to be unpalatable to some lizards, who, when offered nymphs of Largus californicus, “..attacked but immediately spit the bug out and wiped their mouths on the sand.“ (Booth, 1990). They are not considered to be a pest species. 

Mating Largus cinctus

Size- 13-17mm

Habitat- Various 

Range- West of the Cascades 

Eats- Plants, dead insects, feces

Flight Season- Year around

Largus cinctus nymph
Largus cinctus nymph

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