Solanum dulcamara (Bitter Nightshade)

Solanum dulcamara (Bitter Nightshade)

With dark green, arrowhead shaped leaves, pretty little purple flowers with bright yellow stamens forming a tube, and bright red, egg shaped berries, Bitter Nightshade is an easily recognizable plant. 

This is an Eurasian invasive species that is found along watercourses, ditches,  and wetlands, and damp areas in disturbed ground and forest openings. It can be a sprawling shrub or climbing vine, and often forms thickets when conditions are right. It is mildly poisonous, although herbalists say it has medicinal properties at the proper dosage.

Size- 2-8’ long branches which will climb whenever they are supported.

Habitat- Wetlands, ditches, watercourses, and damp disturbed ground and forest openings. 

Range- Region wide

Blooms-  Late spring through summer

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