Anthemis cotula (Stinking Mayweed, Dog Fennel)

Anthemis cotula (Dog Fennel)

This plant has a cheerful little daisy like flower. It is chiefly distinguishable from A. arvensis by its finely leafletted foliage having a strong odor, which some say is unpleasant although I find it to be pungent but pleasing, whereas arvensis is scentless with broader leaflets. It forms clumps and is found on disturbed ground. It is originally native to Eurasia and Africa, but spread throughout North America, apparently at least in part because of the misguided efforts of Johnny Appleseed, who planted it wherever he went because he believed it had anti-malarial properties. The sap is acrid and causes skin irritation in many people. 

Anthemis cotula | Stinking Mayweed | Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

Size- Up to 12” tall

Habitat- Damp disturbed ground

Range- Region wide except for very arid and alpine areas

Blooms- All summer 

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