Phlogophora periculosa (Brown Angle Shades Moth)

Phlogophora periculosa (Brown Angle Shades Moth)

The Brown Angle Shades Moth is a fairly large, forest dwelling Noctuid that flies in late summer. It is mostly contrasting shades of light and dark brown, with a triangular median area where the orbicular and reniform spots are fused. The wings are long, narrow, and pointed at the apex, with a scalloped margin. And the leading edge is rolled when the moth is at rest. This is a very distinctive moth that is unlikely to be confused with anything else in our region. 

The larvae are generalists feeding on all manner of trees and woody plants. They are found in seasonally moist forests throughout our region.

Phlogophora periculosa

Size- FW length 19-22 mm

Habitat- Mesic forests 

Range- West of the Cascades, west slope of the Rockies. 

Eats- Larvae feed on various trees and woody shrubs

Flight Season- July and August 

Brown Angle Shades Moth

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