I’m going to be on the Radio!

Today at  11:30am on KXCR Community Radio Station | Florence, Oregon  we may find out the answer to that age old question- is it possible for Dina Pavlis of ‘Beyond Your Front Door Northwest’ to combine a warm, welcoming, engaging, and enthusiastic interview style with world class editing skills, to prevent me from sounding like a self-centered narcissist, pretentious boor, blithering idiot, or unhinged lunatic when I am talking about the origins and ambitions of my website? Enquiring minds want to know! 

For those folks who may be busy doing more important things at that time like earning a living or strolling in the sunshine or trimming their nose hairs, you can also listen to me prattle on for 26 minutes about my adventures  and some of the things that I, in my infinity-minus-1-less-than-infinite-wisdom deem to be important, when the show is available to stream on the days and times listed in the link below for these other fine radio stations. 

To find out where and when one can listen to the show online, click on Radio schedule

To see Dina’s promo for the show, click on On the Radio

Starting next Thursday there will be an option to listen to this at your leisure, but that link hasn’t been established yet. At that time it can also be found at On the Radio , under ‘previous shows’

11 thoughts on “I’m going to be on the Radio!”

  1. Dan, I’m so excited about airing your show – and it wasn’t hard to edit at all. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing – and now I have to run to get my own post up about the show! Thanks again for coming on the show and sharing your knowledge, passion and insight. ~Dina

  2. P.S. Just to let people know…they can stream it from any of the stations listed at the On The Radio link you shared above (or click my website in this comment and you can find the list of times and stations with streaming links).

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